Basically, there are two options available with the Digital marketer to boost traffic on their website. One is paid and the other one is organic. However, these both are the exact opposite. Is one option better than the other? Which option is result-oriented? Well, the thing is that it depends on the various factors. Before getting into the factors, let’s first understand what SEO and PPC mean.

Difference between SEO and PPC services?

SEO is the organic form of Digital Marketing. It is a natural lead generation way to reinforce position in the search engine results. It is a long term process and it gives long-lasting results.
PPC as the name suggests Pay per Click. It is a paid form of Digital Marketing. It is a model in which advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked on. It leads to brand visibility much faster than SEO.

Factors determining the selection between SEO and PPC:

1. Budget– The major reason that these are two extremely different forms of Digital marketing is the budget associated with it. If you feel that you have a large budget where you can allocate a daily budget depending on the bid auction, and you are sure to commit advertising expenditure, then opt for PPC; else opt for SEO which only requires a flat fee to be paid to an SEO agency.
2. Time– SEO is an on-going and time-consuming process. It requires a huge investment of time. It could take some months or even years to rank. Continuous working on various activities is required. So if your business is time-restricted, then go for PPC. There is no waiting in case of PPC.
3. Measurability– SEO results are quite unpredictable. It is an ongoing and time-consuming process. Also, there is no guarantee of results in due time, it may take months or years to show results. The reason being it is subject to Algorithm changes. But the risk is always fruit-bearing. When done well, SEO gives better and long-lasting results than PPC.
4. Scope– See, when there will be a greater reach of your website, there will be more queries. You cannot afford to pay for all kinds of ads, so you need strong visibility. It is just not feasible to pay for all sorts of content for your website. You definitely need some organic content. It gives you a strategic advantage over others.
5. Stability– PPC does not face the same difficulties that SEO suffers. Of course, there are changes but they tend to have a far lower impact than SEO and can be managed easily. Careful use of match types and analysis of the search term reports allow for the removal of junk search and an increase in ROI over time.

With these points, you can now decide which option to go for. Yet, we would suggest a combination of both would definitely work.

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