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A small business is the root of our economy.  It is said that when you support small business, you are supporting a dream. Full of zeal- lack of resources, small businesses often find it difficult to keep their store running. Nonetheless, these small businesses need to be marketed using digital platform so as to reach large number of people.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Here I am going to tell you some digital marketing strategies that would benefit small scale businesses to grow.

  • Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization being organic form of Digital marketing, it can be useful for small scale businesses to take up Digital marketing. With content and back linking, your business can be one of the trending businesses in town. As your ranking increases, your chances to attract more and more traffic increases. With SEO, you can expand your business as much you want that too naturally.
  • Organic Social media marketing- Every one of us is on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media sites. To reach maximum number of people, small scale businesses need to be present on social medial platforms. Create a page of your business on social media. Connect it to your account. Invite as many number of people as you want from all over the world. Keep posting. Keep sharing. Keep updating. The best part of this is it is completely free. So you can reach trillions of people that too free.
  • E-mail marketing- E-mail marketing is another way through which small businesses can expand its reach. Tools like Mail Chimp, Litmus are used to send e-mails to large number of people at a time. E-mail marketing does not constitute just sending mails rather there is a complete funnel which one needs to follow.
  • Content marketing- Content marketing again is very powerful tool of Digital marketing. Content marketing can be never ending. It gives long term results unlike paid form of advertising. Content marketing is creating relevant content and marketing it to reach the targeted audience, thereby creating a brand image. Content marketing is an ever- lasting process. You need to understand the customers, their needs, their problems and challenges they face and then develop a good content on it providing solutions to the problems. Relevant content is very important for a business to attract new customers and to retain old ones.
  • Google My Business- Google my business is a one of the most powerful thing you can do for your business. Get your business registered on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. It is most important when you are running a local business and want to target the local clients. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS takes into account Google+ profile, Google Maps profile, your Google reviews, access to data on Google Analytics and many more into one integrated platform.

On searching for Digital marketing agency, it displayed one paid advertisement on the top followed by GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing. Organic search results are shown after GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing.

If your business is famous, it will show a separate business listing when people will search by your name.

These are some ways by which Small Scale businesses can turn into a brand.

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