How to create a high converting landing page?

A landing page is not just an informative page rather it requires to be more attractive. The purpose here is not to provide information but to generate leads. Therefore, creating a high converting landing page is not a cakewalk nor it requires some rocket science knowledge. It is in the middle of both roads. It requires creativity and knowledge about the targeted audience.

You do not need to get confused between the landing page and home page, both of them are quite different. Home pages are basically made for providing information regarding the existence of the business while landing page is made to convert potential visitors into leads.

The main objective of any business to have an online presence is to get leads. This makes it very important to create high converting landing pages as it will not just promote your product or services but also improve your website’s SEO ranking.

Certain points need to be kept in mind while creating a landing page:

  1. A mind-blowing headline:  Since landing pages do not provide any information. It still must have some content. The most important part of landing page content is heading. A heading should be so amazing that it creates interest of the visitor to stay on the page. It should be short and attractive. A matching image with heading is like icing on the cake.
  2. Compelling description: A short and sweet description would work to a great extent. Arrange your content in such a way that efficiently explains what you’re offering, and you’ll be much more successful in connecting with readers. Also, always be unique in placing your description. For example, it doesn’t always have to come under heading.
  3. Images and illustration: As I already mentioned that your landing page needs to be attractive for conversion. Images, videos, illustrations play a great role in grabbing the attention of the users. Visual content is processed faster than text. This means the visitors are much more likely to get converted with visual content. Use infographics, 3-D animations, or large images that cover the screen of the viewport.
  4. Methods of contact: A visitor is convinced with your headlines, description and pictures, now next what? Impressed with everything, a visitor would want to contact you. How would he do that? He might have a question whether your business is legit or not? Show them. Provide them with the means to contact. Sign up form, Call buttons, Demo request are some of the ways through which your customers can reach you.
  5. Include the word “Guarantee”: More than anything else, a customer is always impressed if your landing page provides a guarantee of no matter what it is. This is because a customer loves a guarantee. They love to get reassured. Simply this word improves the possibility of conversion. Also, the position of this word is extremely important. Always post such words close to CTA. This gives the probability that the potential customers are satisfied and would likely to convert.

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