If I think like a visitor, the initial thing that attracts me to stay on the website is the website design. A chaotic design would be a big ‘no-no’ for every one of us. As a non-technical person, if you ask me about whitespace then I would say that it is blank space that you see on the website, between illustrations and text, between columns and between rows. It is the portion of the website that is left unutilized which allows the website to be clean enough and provides visual breathing room for the eye.

There are several reasons as to why you need to implement whitespace in web design-

  1. Content Legibility- Whitespace, as I mentioned above, provides the room for the website to breathe. A user must know what they are reading, where they are going, are they finding it convenient to read or is it uncomfortable for them to understand? Each of these is very important for good user experience. A miniature font that consumes minimum whitespace is important to retain the customers as it makes it legible for them to read.
  2. Increased interactions- No if’s and but’s, it is a fact that visitors are always in a hurry when browsing. A little whitespace between the various parts of your website will increase their interactions by preventing distractions and disorganized website. According to the study conducted by Human Factors International, it shows whitespace increases comprehension by 20%. The reason being whitespaces between text and images and other components on the website provides a better reader understanding of the content.
  3. Whitespace and Call to Action (CTA’s) – Call to Action button is the key feature of a website. It gets you lead. Highlighting the visitors need to take immediate action. Now and again, the most evident approach to make something stand out is to make things greater. You can make pictures greater or catches greater but in any case, encompassing the thing with whitespace can be similarly as compelling.
  4. Cleaner Look- Adding lots of images and other elements is fine but it can be congesting and thus unappealing to the visitors. It seems like your website isn’t trustworthy and requires a lot of elements to prove themselves. Also, it takes a lot of time for the website to load when there are so many elements. Most of the visitor prefers clean website because they want easy navigation. Once a visitor founds that your website is hectic for them to look up to, they will start visiting your competitor’s website, increasing your bounce rate.

    These are the basic reasons why one needs to include whitespace in website designing. However, the value of whitespace depends on the niche of the website.

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