SEO is a key element of digital marketing. Even if there are continuous changing trends in SEO, it remains on top of digital marketing strategies as it is the most powerful tool to bring traffic to your website and improve ranking.

Because of the constantly changing algorithm, it is difficult to always cope-up with it. In this process, we tend to make SEO mistakes. Since search engine rules are becoming hard to predict, you cannot verify your SEO techniques in real-time. While this field is ever-lasting and ever-evolving, some strategies are proven effective and there are some, which are better to avoid.  Let’s review some of the SEO mistakes that you should avoid getting the desired results:

  1. Choosing the wrong keywords for your website: Keyword research is the first and foremost thing in SEO. It is the foundation of SEO. Correct keywords can lead you on top ranks. One of the biggest mistake in selecting the keywords is neglecting the use of long-tail keywords. Also, it is best to use keyword research tools for finding appropriate keywords.
  2. Duplicating content: Duplicating content is not a mistake, it’s a blunder. Duplication of content means that the same content is available in more than one URL. Not just website content but also title tags and Meta description of your pages and posts. The most common problem with duplicate content is that search engines can’t decide which content to index, eventually not showing this web page in search results.
  3. Avoiding “Google my business listing”: Google is continuously giving huge importance to “near me” searches. Especially for a local business who are wishing to target local users, to expand their reach, it is very important to claim their website, provide all relevant information regarding address, phone numbers, timings etc.
  4. Mobile friendly user-experience: One needs to understand that SEO is just not only about content and keywords but also about user-experience. Maximum visitors are from mobile phones and therefore, it is very important to have a good mobile user experience. It is because Google, Bing and other search engines recognize when your website is not mobile-friendly. So if you haven’t thought about mobile-friendly SEO then it’s high time, YOU MUST!
  5. Missing Quality Links: In SEO, quality is everything. Quality content, Quality keywords, Quality links are what matter. To get the best results in SEO, quality links included is more important than its quantity. It gives your website more authority and therefore, it is very important to get relevant, a well-ranking website with high DA links.
  6. Canonical issue– A canonical issue is a huge disadvantage to your site. This means that your website can be accessed by search engines from several different URLs. It arises when 301 redirects are not properly placed. The implication is that it leads to duplication of content. The solution is placed “rel canonical” tag on the original page to send a strong hint to search engines your about preferred version to index among duplicate pages on the web.

We have pointed out some SEO mistakes, but there are many others. Try to optimize your website according to changing algorithms and there will be fewer mistakes.


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