Ways to Make Visitors Fall in Love with Your Website

It is easy to make a website but very difficult to make visitors fall in love with your website. You always get attracted to a website that is convenient and holds comfort. Keeping your website up-to-date with algorithms is also extremely important for your website to rank. No wonder if your website is not attractive and you are not updating with rules and regulations. What would happen? Heard about Bounce rate? Yes, your bounce rate will increase that means there is an increasing number of people who are not interested in your website. Who would want that! A low bounce rate is always good because it means that more and more people are spending time on your site.

Let’s go through some of the ways to make visitors fall in love with your website-

  1. Create a simple, clear yet attractive website-

Eye-Catching web design is what keeps the customer held to your website. With a large number of people visiting your website, one must make it clear and simple so that it is easier for the visitors to understand your website and get more clarity about your products and services.

  1. Highlight your brand personality-

A brand personality is something that makes the customer recognize your brand. Be it colour, font, content or design, it must reveal your brand personality. Your website must convey the message of your products with images, fonts, style, and content you use on the site. This makes the customer remember your business.

  1. Ensure easy navigation-

Every visitor wants clear and comfortable navigation which makes it easy for the visitors to look for the relevant information that they are searching for. A simple website doesn’t mean that your website is boring rather it means that your website is quite clear. Visitors should not have to go through several pages, rather they should be able to get where they want to be in just one or two clicks, e.g. – contact page, blog page etc.

4. Faster loading speed-

With no patience in people nowadays, faster-loading speed is what keeps the website higher in rank. So make sure that your website loads quickly or else, be prepared to lose your customers with a higher bounce rate. There are many tools to measure the speed of the website. This will ensure a better user experience. Neither SEO nor promotional method would work if your website loading speed is not appropriate.

5. Responsive website design-

Usually, people have mobile phones in their hands instead of laptops and computers. Therefore, a website that doesn’t work on mobile phones will automatically fail to serve the purpose because there would be less traffic and hence less conversion. It becomes extremely mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website to ensure a good user experience.

6. Social media presence-

With a daily increase in the number of people handling social media accounts, a presence on social media makes it easier and beneficial for both the users as well as business. This ensures credibility and a sense of trust among the minds of the visitors. It also provides a space for visitors to express their opinion about your business. Digital marketing can be effective only when you have social media accounts.


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